We joined forces with a successful investor of nearly 30 years as real estate hedge fund co-sponsors. Through this partnership, we’re able to offer other investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, and licensed professionals, access to ground-breaking asset protection strategies and tax incentive programs, as well as opportunities to make steady investment returns of 6-10+% secured by real estate. How does this apply to you?

Here is a list of what we can offer:

  • Hedge Fund – The Secured Fixed Income Fund (SFI Fund) is for accredited investors and is secured and cross-collateralized by real estate. It yields yearly returns of 6-10% and there are no fees! It's paid twice per year and interest starts accruing on day two.

  • Real Estate Assets – SFI Fund Direct (accreditation not necessary) provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to invest in real estate, regardless of their experience level and/or the presence/absence of time. With this, an investor can purchase a turnkey home at a discounted rate and receive returns of 8+% without lifting a finger. That means no worries about finding tenants, managing tenants, dealing with repairs, or even collecting rent. All of that is taken care of. The best part is that the aforementioned 8+% return is the cash flow investors will receive after all of the above expenses have been adjusted from the rental income.

  • Tax Reduction – For individuals not taxed via form W-2, who are paying between 20% and 50% in taxes per year, this is an opportunity to reduce their tax liability to a flat 15%. This tax incentive is available through a US governmental decree.

  • Asset Protection – This is for individuals concerned that their insurance coverage won’t suffice if they get sued and for those who want to ensure that their family’s assets are safe. Statistics show that 2 out of 3 businesses get sued and that throughout one’s lifetime, the likelihood of this occurring is 80%. Since the process of addressing these concerns can be confusing and worrisome, we can assist you with a proven structure that we’ve decided to use for our own business.


If you or someone you know would like to request more information, see videos and real estate inventory, or set up a free consult, please visit our website at http://meier.sfifund.com/ and click on the Investor Services tab.